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Smile Dental & Implant Centre - Leading Dental Clinic in Kapra, Ecil, AS Rao Nagar Hyderabad

Smile Dental and Implant Centre is one of the best Dental Clinic in AS Rao Nagar, Ecil, Kapra Secunderabad, established in 2013.  Dr. Puli Sudhakar (BDS, MDS) and Dr. K Mounika (BDS, PGDCC) are the best dentists in AS Rao Nagar, Ecil, Kapra, and Saket, Secunderabad. They are committed to providing high-quality dental care services near you. Our Mission is to provide excellent patient care and treatment while maintaining the highest standards of quality.

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Smile Dental & Implant Centre

Located at ECIL, As Rao Nagar, Secunderabad

Looking for the best dental hospital in AS Rao Nagar, ECIL, and Kapra? Look no further than Smile Dental and Implant Centre! With a reputation for excellence and dedication, we are the go-to choice for all your dental needs in the nearby areas of Hyderabad. Our team of skilled professionals is committed to providing top-quality dental care, ensuring your smile is always in good hands. Don’t wait another day to experience the difference at Smile Dental and Implant Centre – book your appointment today at the premier dental hospital in AS Rao Nagar and surrounding areas.

At Smile Dental and Implant Centre, we are dedicated to helping you achieve and maintain your brightest, healthiest smile. Our highly-trained dentists have extensive experience performing dental implants, cosmetic dentistry, orthodontics, and restorative procedures. We also offer Root Canal Treatment, Fixed Teeth (or) Dental Crown (or) Bridges, Invisalign (or) Teeth aligners, Braces Treatment, Gum diseases, Children’s dental issues, and Emergency dental services. We take the time to understand your unique needs and concerns, so we can deliver a customized treatment plan focused on your long-term oral health and smile goals. Call today to schedule your initial consultation. A brighter smile is waiting for you.

Our Lab Certification
Murali NaikMurali Naik
16:17 13 Jul 24
Ashwini KarneAshwini Karne
13:51 13 Jul 24
good treatment and friendly doctor
Ashraf SultanaAshraf Sultana
09:33 13 Jul 24
Thank you for making my fear into happiness. I didn't feel my tooth extraction had happened. Amazing doctors and services at Clove. Thank you
neela praveenneela praveen
14:34 11 Jul 24
kailasa radhakrishnakailasa radhakrishna
13:54 11 Jul 24
Fixed teeth replacement done given beautiful smile thanks to dr sudhakar best dentist in as Rao nagar
src.chandra sekarsrc.chandra sekar
11:04 06 Jul 24
Went for root canal treatment,very polite and nominal price and clean hygiene environment
srikanth kammarisrikanth kammari
06:57 06 Jul 24
Hospital is very good and service very good. doctor and staff are excellent .
Kiran KaluvalaKiran Kaluvala
05:20 04 Jul 24
Thank god got relief from tooth pain..Good treatment...
Goverdhan Reddy NAINIGoverdhan Reddy NAINI
07:03 02 Jul 24
Goli pranava deviGoli pranava devi
15:59 29 Jun 24
Dr. Sudhakar skills and dedication Makes us very comfortable that is truly admirable. Deepest gratitude to your patience for making less scary in every visit. Thank you once again for your excellent treatment.
Bhawar JaatBhawar Jaat
14:10 29 Jun 24
Feroz syedFeroz syed
12:54 29 Jun 24
Narayana KukunuriNarayana Kukunuri
06:35 29 Jun 24
My Experience with smile dental is very nice, way of treatment is excellent. Thank you so much Dr. Sudhakar garu and team.
02:51 21 Jun 24
I recently had a dental treatment at SMILE DENTAL AND IMPLANT CARE, and I couldn't be happier with the results! The staff was incredibly friendly and professional, making me feel comfortable from the moment I walked in. The dentist explained every step of the procedure clearly, ensuring I was well-informed and at ease. The clinic itself was clean and equipped with the latest technology. My treatment was painless and efficient, and the outcome exceeded my expectations. I highly recommend SMILE DENTAL CARE for anyone seeking top-notch dental care.
Sweety SwathiSweety Swathi
05:49 11 Jun 24
The orthodontic treatment I received from Smile dental and implant centre was truly outstanding.Throughout the entire 12 months I wore braces, Dr. Sudhakar remained attentive and committed to delivering the best possible outcome. My smile looks better than I ever imagined thanks to his expertise. I wholeheartedly recommend him to anyone looking into braces or other orthodontic treatments. He completely transformed my smile in less than a year through his professional, dedicated approach.
19:21 21 May 24
I'm having severe gums bleeding and bad breath .Dr sudhakar suggested me deep scaling process. teeth cleaning and polishing the overall treatment was good . No pain during total dental scaling procedure thank u
Bobby MunjarapuBobby Munjarapu
19:05 21 May 24
I had never undergone a tooth extraction before seeing Dr. Sudhakar, who made the process easy and comfortable. Not only was the extraction itself smooth and virtually painless, but Dr. Sudhakar's excellent pain management techniques afterward meant I required minimal medication. His skillful expertise made the entire experience far better than I could have imagined. Thank you sir
Raju PriyaRaju Priya
14:57 21 May 24
I had severe pain in the tooth underwent root canal treatment Dr sudhakar done root canal with out any pain thanks to smile dental and implant centre
Dubbaka Parvathi goudDubbaka Parvathi goud
07:44 21 May 24
Went for teeth scaling and laser fillings satisfied with the treatment thanks to Dr sudhakar
Amaravathi VallapuAmaravathi Vallapu
07:40 21 May 24
I took my mother for root canal treatment at Smile Dental and Implant Centre in the Kapra Ecil branch. Dr Sudhkar Garu clearly explained about root canal procedure, It was very nice, and very much satisfied with the service and price. I will recommend this dental clinic to my friends and family.
Nagendra (nagu)Nagendra (nagu)
09:52 04 May 24
I am extremely grateful to Dr. Sudhakar Garu and his supporting staff for providing me with such an awesome experience. Their heartfelt care and dedication to their patients truly set them apart from other dental clinics. I would highly recommend Smile Dental & Implant Centre to anyone in need of dental care, as they are sure to provide the highest level of service and expertise. Best dentist for your dental needs Smile dental and Implant centre
Sreelaasini LaasiniSreelaasini Laasini
07:34 27 Apr 24
I am writing this to express my gratitude and to share my views for my 2 Root canals done.Dr sudhakar is a wonderful doctor never seen anywhere who treated me well. Excellent in identifying patients concern and expert in treatment with less cost.May God bless him with full of joy and wealth.
Surya RockyySurya Rockyy
08:14 10 Mar 24
Hi I visited smile dental and implant centre for my father. Dr.Sudhakar suggested me to go root canals and zirconia crowns. He is very happy and able to eat and chew happily. Best dentist fr ur dental problems near sainikpuri . And now my mother also going for treatment. Thanks to Dr.sudhakar sir and team. This review iam giving after four months of my fathers treatment. One more thing is there followups are awesome and timely. I will recommend to all of you smile dental and implant centre
331-Mosali Rakesh331-Mosali Rakesh
15:05 09 Jan 24
I received high quality dental treatment from Dr. Sudhakar & his team at Smile Dental & Implant Centre. Great results at a good cost. Highly recommended! Best Dentist in AS Rao Nagar for your dental needs.

Our Facilities

Our Location

H.No.1-1-308/8, Plot No.8, 1st Floor, K.Rathod Jewellers,Sri Ram Nagar Colony, near Kapra circle, Saket Road, ECIL, Hyderabad – 500062.


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If you have any dental problems then you need to visit a Dentist as soon as possible. A Dentist helps you to get over your problem while making sure it is completely cured. Book an Appointment at your nearest Dentist in Kapra, Sainikpuri, Dammaiguda, Saket, As Rao Nagar, Ecil.

We Employ Latest Advanced Technology .

Our clinic is well equipped with the latest equipment and features state-of-the-art exam rooms, a hygiene room and an on-site laboratory. We always try to keep you relaxed and comfortable during your visit. Even the most anxious patients can relax and feel comfortable during the treatment in our ultra-comfortable dental chairs. Our Dental clinic offers the best Advanced dentistry’s cutting-edge technology and advanced dental care at an affordable price it would cost you elsewhere.

Leading Dentists in AS Rao Nagar, Ecil, Kapra

Experienced Dentists at Smile Dental & Implant Centre

Dr. P Sudhakar MDS

Periodontist And Implantologist - Leading dentist in AS Rao Nagar, Ecil, Kapra, Sainikpiri, Dammaiguda, Yapral Secunderabad

Dr Mounika BDS

Dr. K Mounika B.D.S, PGDCC

Best Cosmetic Dentist in Kapra, Ecil, AS Rao Nagar, Sainipuri Dammiguda Secunderabad

Dr.Graham Cracker

General and Implant Dentist

of 5


462 Reviews


285 Reviews


255 Reviews


Dental Implants

Dental Implants

Dental implants are biocompatible metal posts or frames that are surgically inserted into the jawbone

Root Canal Treatment

The outer portion or implant is a three-layered structure in particular – Enamel, Dentin and Pulp.
New Project(3)

Bridges & Dental Crown

Replacement of missing teeth represents the largest category among patients in clinics

Invisible Braces

Invisalign clear aligners help to fix your teeth while remaining virtually invisible.
Cosmetic Dentistry

Cosmetic Dentistry

Cosmetic Dentistry also called as aesthetic dentistry. It is a broad term that is given for all dental treatments

Pediatric Dentistry

Pediatric Dentistry is a part of dentistry that is concerning with children under 14

Why People Trust Us

Smile Dental and Implant Centre, the best dental clinic, offers painless, comprehensive treatment at an affordable cost.

Advanced Dentistry

We use the latest and enhanced technology in the dental field for diagnoses and treatment are completely reliable.

Affordable dental care

Advanced dental care at an affordable price it would cost you elsewhere.Our services are affordable therefore no need to worry about the high cost .

Qualified staff

All the dentists are highly qualified (MDS) with over 10 years of experience handling procedures in their respective specializations

precise Result

Our dental clinic has the latest equipment and tools, an in-house lab, committed technicians, highly civilized staff, a sterile and hygienic environment

Our Blog

Smile Dental and Implant Centre Blog is the best source to improve your knowledge about oral health and dentistry. Here you will find tips & tricks, methods, and techniques to keep your smile healthy.

What People Say About Us

Dr. P Sudhakar (BDS, MDS) is the best dentist in Kapra, Sainikpuri, Dammaiguda, AS Rao Nagar, Ecil, and Saket, Hyderabad. He aims to bring world-class dental treatment at an economic and affordable price.

I had pain in the right side of my tooth and I visited Smile Dental and Implant Centre in As Rao Nagar, I got excellent treatment from Dr. Sudhakar. He explained the reason for my problem and did painless treatment. I recommend this dental clinic.

Balraj P

I Have seen the same level of care for patients for the past 5 years. My entire family has received the same level of good experience. Dr. Sudhakar Sir is one of the best dentist in Sainikpuri. I will recommend it to everyone to visit Smile Dental & Implant Centre, who is facing tooth problems

Garapati sridevi

Recently me and my wife had a very pleasant experience with Dr.Sudhakar sir & staff. Specially he takes the time and understand the patient problems which was very helpful for us. Now a days very hard to find a good doctor but Dr. Sudhakar sir is very well experienced and his way of treatment is very good. I strongly recommend Dr. Sudhakar sir.

Kranthi Kiran

Went for root canal treatment and crown Dr sudhakar done treatment without any pain .painless dental treatment for ur dental problems top dentist near ecil as Rao nagar thank you smile dental and implant centre

Satyavathi Savithala

Hi I visited smile dental and implant centre for my father. Dr.Sudhakar suggested me to go root canals and zirconia crowns. He is very happy and able to eat and chew happily. Best dentist fr ur dental problems near sainikpuri . And now my mother also going for treatment. Thanks to Dr.sudhakar sir and team. This review iam giving after four months of my fathers treatment. One more thing is there followups are awesome and timely. I will recommend to all of you smile dental and implant centre

Surya Rockyy

I had a great experience with Dr. Sudhakar and the clinic. The doctor was quite through with the crown I got and made sure the alignment is perfect. The clinic was also quite flexible with the appointments and accommodated my urgent request. Overall, quite happy with the experience. I would definitely recommend this clinic.

Kanaka Durga Jakkula

I had a decay tooth, was delaying as it needs to be extracted. I was delaying to avoid pain. But this process was smoothly handled and there was pain only for few hours after the anthesia . Doctor and staff were very cooperative

Anil P

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