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Best Dental Clinic in Sainikpuri

    With their innovative and flexible methods for giving patients the smiles of their choice, Smile dental and Implant centre has attained the height of its popularity. Numerous people can now achieve their ideal smile thanks to the best dentists at our center. We adhere to European Standards with a focus on complete care. Many consultants have received best ever training and hold global accreditation. This makes us the Best dental clinic in Sainikpuri, Hyderabad.

    Our center features,

    • Modern facilities and equipment
    • Well-trained and most renowned dentists (MDS only)
    • Diagnosis performed with cutting-edge computerized diagnostic and radiographic equipment.
    • The use of a microscope allowed for precision gum surgery, endodontic (root canal) treatment, etc.
    • Advanced dental care employing LASERS for less invasive procedures with quicker recovery times and shorter treatment intervals
    • Systems for managing pain, sedation, nitrous oxide, and single-tooth anesthesia
    • For precise dental bridges and crowns, we have a CAD/CAM facility.
    • Stem cell therapy, PRF, and rh BMP2 growth factors are used in regenerative therapies.
    • Dental emergency care is located.
    • Invisible braces for teeth alignment and quick braces with surgical support.
    • World-class operating rooms and recuperation areas.

    These facilities and features make us the best dental clinic in Hyderabad.

    Dental procedures

    To maximize treatment success, our dental clinic uses state-of-the-art, standardized tools and equipment that has been certified by American and European standards. The dental facility is equipped with internal digital Xray units that have received CE and ADA approval and release little radiation, making them patient-friendly. our best dentists in sainikpuri  make you feel more comfortable and our dental procedures are completely hassle-free and stress-free.

    Quality dental services

    These procedures need skill and precision and are minimally invasive. We offer the broadest range of dental services so that everyone can benefit from high-quality dental care, it makes us stand apart and our clients consider us the best dental clinic in Secunderabad. Our practice has expanded to offer a top-notch facility for the treatment of dental cosmetics, sophisticated restorative dentistry, and tooth loss. With years of high-quality training and expertise, we are among the most qualified and best dentists in Secunderabad. The treatments are the most affordable and completely safe. You can rely on our best in class treatments for the swift recovery without experiencing pain.

    Services offered

    A whole spectrum of dental treatments, including children, adults, pregnant women, and the aged are provided by Smile Dental & Implant Center, Hyderabad. Additionally, the clinic offers a variety of dental care treatments, such as dental crown and veneer placement, dental implant surgery, teeth restoration, and dental implant surgery.


    Dr P. Sudhakar BDS MDS Specialist in implants and aesthetic dentistry, 10 yrs experience, nearly 500 implants placed in past two years

    Dr K Mounika BDS PGDM Senior cosmetologist in smile dental and implant centre with 8 yrs of experience more than 100 smile designing cosmetic procedures in past one year.

    Our doctors who offer personalized dental care with maximum comfort and convenience. We strive to educate and educate our patients  about the importance of oral hygiene. We believe in adopting cutting-edge techniques to provide preventative dental services. carefully.

    Feedback from the patients

    Our patients feel about the best in class treatment, affordable prices, the congenial doctors and staff, the hygienic atmosphere of the clinic. So, they recommend our clinic to their friends and relatives.

    Fix your appointment with our expert dentist to get rid of all your dental problems.

    We are located at our state-of-the-art facility in saket  road, Ecil, Hyderabad. Our staff is trained to provide you with the best dental care that you deserve.   

    Scroll down to see where we are on an interactive map; It’s connected to Google Maps ( so you can easily get directions too.

    For Appointment (or) any other queries please call us +91-7396529265, +91–9490618635
    Check Directions here:

    Smile Dental & Implant Centre

    We are located at our state-of-the-art facility in saket road, Ecil, Hyderabad. Our staff is trained to provide you with the best dental care that you deserve.

    H.No.1-1-308/8, Plot No.8, 1st Floor, K.Rathod Jewellers,Sri Ram Nagar Colony, Near kapra circle, Saket road, ECIL, HYDERABAD – 500062.

    +91- 7396529265,
    +91 –9490618635,
    +91 –94906186356