Are Dental Implants Safe For A Diabetic Patient?

The most unpleasant way of lifestyle to have now-a-days is diabetes, where your body is unable to control the blood sugar levels in your body. Diabetes is known to slow down the healing and causing confusion in people to take treatments for various health issues.

Dental implants also come under this, while diabetes is running over your general health, a missing tooth can be worsened with time. A missing tooth can make your cheeks sag and signs of ageing to your face than your actual age. But, a minimum time of 6 months is required for healing dental implants and titanium posts embedded into your jaw bone, in such a situation diabetes may cause a huge problem to the patients who are looking for dental implants treatment.

In such a situation, is it safe to have dental implants treatment for a tooth? Here in this article, you can get some quick answers before you go for your dental implant process.

Effect of Diabetes on Dental Implant

Diabetes can affect on the complete body in ways that can be described as disruptive. For individuals looking to supplant a missing tooth while also struggling with diabetes, there are multiple options. A dental implant is generally preferred to those people who need a long-lasting treatment, replaces the natural tooth as closely as possible, and provides complete support to the remaining teeth.

However, they depend on the body’s healing power so the root can be inserted into the jawbone. After the implantation, it is followed by the healing of the gums around the implant. This healing process makes the implant look like to be a real tooth and a more permanent solution than bridges and dentures. But, as discussed above, diabetes gets in the way of the healing process, which essentially increases the chances of implant failure.

But, it is fact that dental implants have a high success rate (95%), but there may be chances of failure if proper care is not taken. Also, diabetes can significantly reduce the chances of a success rate as well.

But, Is It Safe?

Yes, if your diabetes and is under control and your health is totally in support of yourself, you can get a dental implant. In fact, dental implant treatment is a better option to help you heal and follow a diabetes-based diet when compared with bridges and dentures. There is no need to worry about implant failure if you are completely healthy. Also, for knowing the right time when you can get the implant treatment, it is really important to disclose your complete health history to your dental specialist.

So, the bottom line is that dental implants are safe for people who are having diabetes, but it should be remembered that you need to maintain and monitor your health getting them. A complete diagnosis is a must before the tooth implant treatment. For the best outcomes and complete care for all your dental necessities, meet the experts at Smile Dental & Implant Centre clinic. Book your appointment with an expert today.

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